A Gay Scout Master?

A remember reading a recent story where a Boy Scout Master came out of the closet and admitted he was a homosexual. A few of the parents took their kids out of that Boy Scout troop and sent them to another one. What is the harm in having a gay Scout Master? Because he’s gay does that mean he’s going to try to have sex with my child?

Just because someone is a homosexual, that doesn’t mean they are a sexual deviant. Look at all the straight child molesters out there. The second someone admits they are gay they are automatically perceived as wanting to have sex with every one of the same sex.

I’m a straight male; does that mean I want to have sex with every woman in the world? I worked as a camp counselor for a summer and no parent protested it. I took care of boys and girls. No parent went to my boss and said “I think Joe is going to have sex with my little girl,” not one parent said that.

Are we really that close minded? Do we really think if someone is a homosexual that they are any different than anyone else? So they are attracted to someone of the same sex, doesn’t make them a bad person at all.

A few years ago, homosexuals were deemed weird. People looked down on them and most stayed in the closet so they won’t be ridiculed by society. Today someone comes out of the closet and they are viewed as a hero.

I think a story like this really shows the pigheaded close-minded mentality of some people. Homosexuals are no different from any heterosexual. Who you are attracted to doesn’t label you as a person.

Joe Reyes



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