Zoosk…..A Big Lie

I saw that a bunch of my Facebook friends liked it so I decided to see for myself. Zoosk is an online dating site where you post some information about yourself and it finds matches for you. Immediately I received a dozen messages from random women, but I wasn’t able to communicate with them because I didn’t pay the fee.

My suspicions were later confirmed that this site is fake, and just wants your money, from what I found out a few days after. The site said it found a perfect match for me based on the questions I answered when I signed up.

It sent me the profile of a woman about 20 miles away from here. Our information was really close, but again I couldn’t talk to her because I didn’t pay the fee. A few hours later I received about “perfect match”.

The picture was exactly the same as the previous woman, but all the information was different. Her name was different, her height changed a few inches, her religion changed, preferences on drinking and smoking changed. This was a slim girl and her body type amazingly changed from “slim” to “curvy”, but had the same exact picture.

People fall for sites like this all the time. Why is that? I don’t see how some could. I could easily make a fake profile. People do it all the time. They made TV shows about it. People get conned all the time. So the last thing I want to do is go along with something like this, let alone pay for it to happen.

Joe Reyes


9 comments on “Zoosk…..A Big Lie

  1. oldironhoss says:

    I hear that – and agree…they should create a Zoosk site for welfare recipients too…then they could share tips on scamming the govt!

  2. Dr Poodle Sanford says:

    How about adult friend finder lmao

    • joereyes3 says:

      haha i guess but my thing was about finding out how legit that site was. some people blindly go on these sites and get let down by someone playing a joke.

  3. rem1105 says:

    Yeah I agree.its a shame ppl are robbed like this

    • joereyes3 says:

      the problem is maybe it is legit because a lot of people end up doing it, but if they are luring you in with fake profiles then how legit could the site possibly be?

      • rem1105 says:

        A lot of the profiles is real but ppl are unwilling to spend r200 a month for a subscription. I also noticed the fake ones for examples they say there is this girl in a town called lainsburg,now I have family there and know most of the ppl since it is a small town and I have never seen someone looking like that,that is where I got suspicious

  4. Singles says:

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