Where Did They All Go?

I have a UFO book that shows the presence of extraterrestrials throughout history. It shows paintings from the Victorian era where UFOs are in the background. One famous painting was of the Virgin Mary and in the sky is a man in a ship. It’s drawn like a spaceship of the modern era.

There are TV shows about how aliens were around in ancient civilizations. Stone carvings of them were put into their structures in all parts of the world. Look at the pyramids. Some belie that men cannot make those on their own. There are studies going on to uncover how they were made. Modern scientist of today cannot figure it out so how did they back then?

My biggest question about aliens and extraterrestrials in general is where did they all go? For centuries, people have been drawing beings from the sky. In Peru, there are giant drawings in the ground made so you can see it from the sky. There are TONS of strange monuments dedicated to other beings.

So for the bulk of human existence this has been going on. Where did they all go? The only extraterrestrial evidence and occurrence is a home video of lights in the sky. Back then we have drawings and other accounts put into stone showing these beings interacting with humans.

I just don’t understand why aren’t they coming back? Did the aliens just come to Earth for centuries visiting and then left after we became too modern? Are they watching us now? Why become a part of cultures if you’re just going to leave one day and just show up as a few moving lights.

Joe Reyes


One comment on “Where Did They All Go?

  1. Dr Poodle Sanford says:

    The pyramids were made through an interior shaft where bricks were raised up using a series of pullies. There is no mystery.

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