Sex Always Has To Have Meaning

I always hate the idea of meaningless sex. Every time I had sex, the women were put into two categories. Either she was a girl I was dating or a good friend. Never have I just had sex with a random stranger to just have sex.

Without sounding egotistical, I can probably go out and find a random girl to do….but I choose not to. That is meaningless sex. What’s the point of that? To just get off and go home after. I find the whole idea foreign.

Now to partially contradict myself. Sex with a friend is entirely different. You can have sex with a friend if both of you are clear about the outcome. You have to be honest about what the situation is so nobody gets hurt. That’s the last thing I would ever want to do to someone.

I don’t view sex as an animalistic ritual. I simply see it as two people having fun. It’s like when your hanging out with the person not having sex with her. You joke around, you laugh, you have fun. That’s the kind if emotion to put into the bedroom.

Yes, obviously it feels good, but try to make it a more relaxed situation. I don’t want sex to simply be “I’m horney and you’re on your back”. It takes the whole fun out of it by making into that.

Two people can just have sex and afterwards not date. That doesn’t mean that it was meaningless. It means simply you are two friends that had sex. It isn’t something that you have to go bragging about. I don’t brag about every time I hang out with someone.

Joe Reyes


5 comments on “Sex Always Has To Have Meaning

  1. But can friends really just have sex? If only it were that simple.

    • joereyes3 says:

      It is possible if nobody gets hurt. I have never had sex without me and her understanding what it is. There have been times where I’ve gotten hurt because I had sex with a girl I liked and then after we never spoke again. To her it was “just sex”. To me it was “I like you”. I guess it is complicated to explain because I feel like I’m contradicting myself here. But I sometimes don’t have it because I don’t want her to feel like she was being used. I just want to sleep with someone I would date rather than a good friend. But if it remains neutral it is possible.

  2. potentionprotection says:

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  3. Dr. Poodle Sanford, M.D. says:

    But how do you pick which friend to do da nasty with?

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