The Way I See It

1% of the people in the world pave the road for the future

The other 99% just get in the way

Joe Reyes


A Gay Scout Master?

A remember reading a recent story where a Boy Scout Master came out of the closet and admitted he was a homosexual. A few of the parents took their kids out of that Boy Scout troop and sent them to another one. What is the harm in having a gay Scout Master? Because he’s gay does that mean he’s going to try to have sex with my child?

Just because someone is a homosexual, that doesn’t mean they are a sexual deviant. Look at all the straight child molesters out there. The second someone admits they are gay they are automatically perceived as wanting to have sex with every one of the same sex.

I’m a straight male; does that mean I want to have sex with every woman in the world? I worked as a camp counselor for a summer and no parent protested it. I took care of boys and girls. No parent went to my boss and said “I think Joe is going to have sex with my little girl,” not one parent said that.

Are we really that close minded? Do we really think if someone is a homosexual that they are any different than anyone else? So they are attracted to someone of the same sex, doesn’t make them a bad person at all.

A few years ago, homosexuals were deemed weird. People looked down on them and most stayed in the closet so they won’t be ridiculed by society. Today someone comes out of the closet and they are viewed as a hero.

I think a story like this really shows the pigheaded close-minded mentality of some people. Homosexuals are no different from any heterosexual. Who you are attracted to doesn’t label you as a person.

Joe Reyes


Making A Come Back

I decided to keep on writing for this site. Recently, I stopped because another one of my blogs was getting a lot more views. I decided to come back because I have this site too. So why not keep writing for it? I’ve gotten many views and followers on this site so obviously people are viewing it. Thank you all for continuing to view my sites and I will start writing very soon. Comment and follow.

Thank you all,

Joe Reyes

What If We Didn’t Drop The Bombs?

                I saw an episode of “Family Guy” a while ago and the joke on it was going to different parallel universes. In one, they discovered one where we never dropped the nuclear bombs that ended the war. The joke was that Japan never stopped fighting and won the war.

                Before I put this I want to say that I am not an America hater. I don’t complain about this country and love to be here. BUT, we wouldn’t have won the war without the bomb. The Japanese soldiers are a different type of breed of soldier. They don’t stop or yield to anyone. The nuke changed things however. That was something that nobody ever experienced before.

                What saved us, more than idea of the nukes, was where we dropped them. We didn’t drop them on the capital of Japan. If we did, 2 things would’ve happened. It’s either A: they never would’ve stopped fighting and won or B: there will be no more Japanese because they would’ve fought to the point to extinction.

                They never would’ve given up if we destroyed the capital. They would’ve fought on until the very end. We would’ve had to eventually destroy the entire island of Japan with nukes just to stop them. It would’ve been a disaster on World-Wide proportions.  We would still be fighting them today if we would’ve dropped the bombs on the capital.

                It’s a very interesting question because it brings about the “What If?”. And luckily we will never know what would’ve happened if we didn’t drop the bombs.

     Joe Reyes

New Category


I will be unveiling a new category this week. I’m calling it the “What If” section of the site. This will be talking about scenarios in history and the effects if an event didn’t happen. Some will include, “What if Britain won the Revolutionary War?”. Topics that will be interesting the debate about.

I will also be dipping into the realm of sports. Such topics like “What if Jordan was picked 1st overall?” and “What if Peyton wasn’t drafted by the Colts?” Single events like that changed and reshaped the league forever.

This is mostly a debate topic, with endless room for possibilities. Please send in your comments and suggestions. Thanks again.

Joe Reyes

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Created A Page

Recently I created a page on Facebook. (

This is to promote myself and my writings. I want to get myself out there more and gain some kind of credibility and fan base. My main goal in life is to write for a living and I want to share my writings and opinions with others out there with others and see what they think.

I do hope you go on and subscribe to my page. Every “like” counts and I hope you share your opinions to help me come up with new articles/writings and just share opinions.

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