Sex Always Has To Have Meaning

I always hate the idea of meaningless sex. Every time I had sex, the women were put into two categories. Either she was a girl I was dating or a good friend. Never have I just had sex with a random stranger to just have sex.

Without sounding egotistical, I can probably go out and find a random girl to do….but I choose not to. That is meaningless sex. What’s the point of that? To just get off and go home after. I find the whole idea foreign.

Now to partially contradict myself. Sex with a friend is entirely different. You can have sex with a friend if both of you are clear about the outcome. You have to be honest about what the situation is so nobody gets hurt. That’s the last thing I would ever want to do to someone.

I don’t view sex as an animalistic ritual. I simply see it as two people having fun. It’s like when your hanging out with the person not having sex with her. You joke around, you laugh, you have fun. That’s the kind if emotion to put into the bedroom.

Yes, obviously it feels good, but try to make it a more relaxed situation. I don’t want sex to simply be “I’m horney and you’re on your back”. It takes the whole fun out of it by making into that.

Two people can just have sex and afterwards not date. That doesn’t mean that it was meaningless. It means simply you are two friends that had sex. It isn’t something that you have to go bragging about. I don’t brag about every time I hang out with someone.

Joe Reyes


Smoke & Mirrors

It’s almost hard to explain, but have you ever learned something’s about someone that completely distorted your view of them. There was this girl I worked with a few years ago She always seemed like the happiest person around.

She was pretty and always looked good. Every time I saw her she was always smiling and had a happy demeanor, even at work. I guess the longer I worked there the longer we talked and then I found out more into her personal life.

I found out that behind that smile and that bubbly personality was a very messed up girl. She has family problems, was always getting high and seemed depressed all the time. I guess after working with her awhile she felt more comfortable with me and started to open up more.

It was sad to hear everything she had to say. Every day there was an new problem going on in her life. I was really taking back by the whole thing because this was a girl that I thought had it all together. Like the title says, it was all “smoke & mirrors”. First impressions on her were a lie. Well, maybe not a lie, it just took a little while to see the real her. It was weird seeing her for what she really was, a sad little girl.

A lot of people do this. They hide who they really are because people will pity and judge them. It’s a sad truth, but it’s true. Even if you not going to judge them, you look at them differently. You always ask how they are and try to cheer them up.

The quote “never judge a book by its cover” goes perfectly with this story and it’s something to always remember. You never know someone until they open up and let the real them out. I’m glad she told me all that, because it really opened my eyes. Like I said before I never would’ve guessed a girl as pretty and nice as that to have such problems. But again, it was all “smoke and mirrors”.

Joe Reyes

The Depression Generation

Throughout American history, we had names for the new Generations for people growing up. In 1900-1924, it was called the “G.I. Generation”. Following that was the “Silent Generation” of the 1920s, the famous “Baby Boom” of the 1940s and “Generation X” of the 60s. After the “Millennials” of the 2000s we are currently in the “New Silent Generation” or “Generation Z” as some call it. I would like to rename today’s generation as the “Depression Generation”.

What do you notice about today? Wars, high taxes, unemployment, cancer, drugs, death and violence everywhere. Things are bad today and nobody really wants to admit it. Kids are growing up in poverty because of lack of employment. Businesses are cutting huge groups of their employees to save a little money.

God forbid you get sick today. Medical bills are enormous! I was in an ambulance once. They just simply transported me. It wasn’t like they had to resuscitate me on the ride there. That cost about $500, just to take me from my house to the ambulance. I wasn’t on my parents insurance, then who knows how much that would’ve cost me. I probably would’ve taken my chances at home.

Schooling is a joke today. I could get a degree in Business Marketing, spend thousands of dollars and hours achieving that goal and still end up washing dishes at a restaurant, making minimum wage. There are 0 jobs out there anymore.

I got a Creative Writing degree, got A’s in every writing class and have a great talent for writing and when I try and send something out to a publisher they say “by referral only”. This isn’t just for writing; this is something that most businesses today do. You must know someone in order to get the job you want.

I could fill out an application for a minim wage fast food joint and the place will have the audacity to ask me if I know someone that works there. We live in a world where you must know someone in order to succeed. The American Dream is just a dream nowadays.

People my age are extremely stressed out. You got a job that isn’t covering the bills; you got a degree that won’t land you anything, car payments and to top it all, off your mostly alone in this, because everyone else is doing the exact same thing and they can’t help you because they are going through the same thing. People today care about themselves and that’s it. It’s rare to find someone like me who goes out of their way to help others. Personal sacrifice for others apparently isn’t the “thing” to do today.

This isn’t an “Advice” kind of article. I don’t have any advice for people out there because I don’t have an answer. I could roll off a few generic lines like “don’t worry, it’ll work itself out” or “stay positive”. It’s a hard thing to be positive in today. So much goes wrong so fast today.

Am I one of the Depressed? Not really. Granted, things go wrong, but that’s life. Things go wrong, life throws you hurdles and you find a way to get past it. Maybe, that is the advice I could put out there for this article.

Today’s youth is going through a lot. It’s harder to get a job that you can support yourself with. I know people with 2 and 3 jobs and still have a hard time paying their bills. There really isn’t 1 culprit for these problems.

It’s so hard trying to survive in today’s day and age. But, the only thing we can do is try and make it work with what we’re giving to us. We’re not all born with a silver spoon in our mouth. At times you have to fight and claw your way to a successful life. It’s tough, buts it’s the only thing we can do.

Joe Reyes