Being An Idiot Is A Choice

                I always hate when people do incredibly dumb things, while fully experiencing and knowing how bad things can get.  Let me explain what I mean. I knew this girl who lived down the road from me. One night she was partying with her friends and decided to go driving. The driver had a few drinks and ended up crashing. The girl was thrown out the window and died on impact.

                Her best fired started a campaign at school selling shirts with her dead friend’s name on it. She got donations for the family and seemed like she got the message of why drinking and driving is bad. Not long after her mother let her sleep over a friend’s house.

                The mother was suspicious that the daughter checked in a few times suspiciously. The mom went out to where her daughter said she was staying for the night. She wasn’t there. The mother waited until her daughter got back with her friends.

                Someone else was driving and pulled into the driveway. The mother saw that there was an open bottle of Vodka in the car. Her best friend was killed a few weeks prior and she was in the car when it happened. Her idea was to get in the car of a person who was drinking? It takes a certain kind of idiot to repeat such actions.

                This is why I don’t believe people can change. If you’re a moron, then you’re going to be a moron for the rest of your life. If you’re a bad person, then you’re not going to wake up a good guy. Even people given all the opportunities in the world screw up.

                Look at the world of sports. Some multimillionaire players still think going to a strip club at 3am is a smart idea. Look at all the players with gun charges and players who just can’t keep their names out of the news.

                It’s not a matter of growing up. Even grownups screw up all the time. Look at all the crime that goes on in the world. Look at all the criminals who have been in and out of jail multiple times. It’s not always a matter of upbringing or environment. Some people grow up in poor neighborhoods and find a way to be a decent person.

                Nobody makes you choose who you want to be. You do it all on your own. People want to blame outside things for the development of the person. Sometimes rock stars are considered corrupt because their lyrics make people do things. No, that’s not how it works.

                It’s irresponsible to blame a program or musician because someone does something bad. I play violent games, I listen to some music with curses, I watch movies where horrific things happen to characters… you see me out there replicating those things.

                Back to the point I was making earlier; some people are just idiots. Some people just don’t get it. This girl was in the car when her friend was hurled out the window and smashed her head on the pavement….and she almost replicates the actions that got her friend killed. This girl is an idiot.

Joe Reyes