Some Didn’t Come Back

I was watching a video montage about soldiers returning home from the war. It was at first really touching. The returning vets surprised their family in a variety of ways. My favorite was when a woman was throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game and the catcher ended up being her husband.

There were dozens of different scenarios like that, which were all very moving, but then I started to feel sad watching it. I started to think about all the soldiers that didn’t get to return back home and surprise their family members.

A lot of soldiers died overseas and aren’t coming home. So yes, it was nice to see the happy families see their returning husbands and fathers, but all I thought about were the ones that didn’t return home.

It’s a tough thing going to war and leaving your family for a little while. It’s even worse to leave them permanently.

Joe Reyes


What If We Didn’t Drop The Bombs?

                I saw an episode of “Family Guy” a while ago and the joke on it was going to different parallel universes. In one, they discovered one where we never dropped the nuclear bombs that ended the war. The joke was that Japan never stopped fighting and won the war.

                Before I put this I want to say that I am not an America hater. I don’t complain about this country and love to be here. BUT, we wouldn’t have won the war without the bomb. The Japanese soldiers are a different type of breed of soldier. They don’t stop or yield to anyone. The nuke changed things however. That was something that nobody ever experienced before.

                What saved us, more than idea of the nukes, was where we dropped them. We didn’t drop them on the capital of Japan. If we did, 2 things would’ve happened. It’s either A: they never would’ve stopped fighting and won or B: there will be no more Japanese because they would’ve fought to the point to extinction.

                They never would’ve given up if we destroyed the capital. They would’ve fought on until the very end. We would’ve had to eventually destroy the entire island of Japan with nukes just to stop them. It would’ve been a disaster on World-Wide proportions.  We would still be fighting them today if we would’ve dropped the bombs on the capital.

                It’s a very interesting question because it brings about the “What If?”. And luckily we will never know what would’ve happened if we didn’t drop the bombs.

     Joe Reyes